We are glad you are making success using BoldWallet™ and want to know more. Our sole existence is to serve you better by putting neccesary equipments and manpower for 24/7 handy request solutions to enhance your business engagements as it concerns BoldWallet™. Our customer care department has put up this resourceful information and comprehensive guidlines below to help in answering your questions. We hope you find it useful.

Our well structured call center comprises of our highly trained and help-minded Bold team for responding to your request and providing you with the best solution. Its up and running anytime, anyday, handling and resolving issues over the phone. Feel free to patch your calls through for better understanding and clarification on Transaction issues, Merchant issues, Web integration inquiries, and Settlement issues.


Get your questions answered

What is Boldwallet™?

Boldwallet™ is a Multi-channel and online real time payment and transaction processing platform developed to facilitate convinient online payment by individuals and Organizations across the globe. It is a platform for making and receiving payments online without hassles irrespective of your location. Be a bold user.

How do I earn from Boldwallet as a developer?

BoldWallet™ makes your transaction bold, thats why for every transaction above N1500 , we pay you into your BoldWallet™ account

I dnt understand the API?

No problem, we always available 24/7 to guide you

Where does Boldwallet reconcile my Money?

Boldwallet™ reconciles your money directly to your Bank account

How long does it take to reconcile money?

Boldwallet™ Reconciles all funds on T+1 (Transaction day + 1)

How do i create BoldWallet™ account?

Click on My Account, This will take you to sign up page, enter your correct information. You will get a mail with respect to the email you entered which contains a secured password. Use the password with your username to continue the second phase of the registration. This will take you to your dashboard where you will see your name at the top most corner of your page. At the left pane of your page is the controls which you will use depending on the task you want to perform.

How do I login to my Boldwallet™ account? and how do i recover my password?

Click on My Account at the top of the page, it will lead you to a login page, enter your username and password to login to your account.

Forgot password?: On the login page, you will see forgot password question, click on it, enter your email address that you used for registration. you will receive a mail containing your password. Use it to login to your account.