Solutions to Enterprise Businesses

B2B eCommerce

Our IOT solutions integrate with any enterprise payment system to deliver seamless experiences across multiple channels and platforms.


B2C eCommerce

Access the most advanced payments solutions from one global company, eliminating the need for fragmented payment capabilities.


Educational Institution

Process your fees/payments faster , easily and more conviniently, access to powerful IOT technologies to process and analyze your transactions


Large Enterprise

Accept several payment options, get more sales , 24/7 support to your customers



Local Transactions
1.5% + ₦87capped at N2500
₦87 fee waived for transactions under ₦1500
Local transactions fees are capped at ₦2500, that's the absolute maximum you'll ever pay in fees per transaction
No Hidden Charges
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International Transactions
4.0% + ₦87per completed transaction
Get paid by your customers from all over the world
International cards are charged and settled in Naira by default
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