Its so easy to send money

With one tap on your Boldwallet™ button. You will start enjoying trouble-free and frictionless making of payments, transfers and withdrawals with a fast delivery response.

...and so its receiving it

Boldwallet™ account users recieve money immidiately as at when sent. Don't have BoldWallet™ account? Don't worry its very easy to set up and start receiving money and processing your transactions.

Why Boldwallet™?

This unique system is a Multi-channel and online real time payment and transaction processing platform developed to facilitate Secured Savings and convenient online payment by individuals and Organizations across the globe.

This system works in tanderm with one of the enviable processor in the banking sector to help secure customers transactions and mitigate fraud

It faciltates online transactions with less cost and automatically rewards developers who use it for their clients payment collections

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For local transactions

1.5% + 85 capped at 2500

  • ₦85 fee waived for transactions under ₦1500
  • Local transactions fees are capped at ₦2500, that's the absolute maximum you'll ever pay in fees per transaction
For international transactions

4.0% + 85

  • Get paid by your customers from all over the world
  • International cards are charged and settled in Naira by default

Our Services

Educational sector

BoldWallet™ offers a unique online transactions to all players of the educational sector. Register your school and your students can pay their dues online irrespective of their location and have their receipts generated instantly

Private sector

With the quest by private sectors seeking for more customers, BoldWallet™ easiest payment option increases customer traffic and promotes cross boarder e-commerce. By enhancing support for retialers, accepting major debit and credit cards and online real time view of transactions.

Government sector

BoldWallet™ enables efficient electronic transactions and simplifies the processing of payment for electronic services. This helps government to improve economy by direct transfer of funds, full audit trail and reconciliation for online transactions available, and authentication which helps to mitigate fraud.


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Boldwallet™ will never ask you about your login details!

Platform Optimized

Choose the right gateway that gives your customer satisfaction by being easy and simple to use across mobile, tablet, laptop platforms irrespective of their location..

Highly Flexible

Expand your market reach and customers today integrating with the Boldwallet™ payment system for flexible payment options and different card processing methods.

Safe and Secured

Your account security is our utmost priority at BoldWallet™. There is an inclusive PCI authentication standard put in place to make sure the transaction is in the right hand.

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